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ísís [ eves ] years ago, i hurt my shoulder drag racing. that's when i decided to take it easy, so i took up hang gliding. [ female announcer ] a grandpa who refuses to grow up. [ eves ] the pain was bad, but the thought of not being a hang glider pilot was worse. [ female announcer ] that's when eves turned to sutter health's palo alto medical foundation. [ eves ] the doctors that i dealt with, they got it, that this old guy wanted to return as a hang glider pilot. they got me flying again. [ female announcer ] palo alto medical foundation, and sutter health -- our story is you.
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and sutter health --
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>> at 7:00 p.m. we closed off one lane and to start the sock cutting operation. and one lane was also closed leading up to the toll plaza starting the staging. >> the entire closure as you mentioned, pam. and kron 4 is dan kerman kron 4's a dan kerman is explaining why. >> the driviers commute on friday will be the last afford repairs this weekend. >> we are pulling out a total of 12 sections of the deck where the tressel meets the incline. that was the problem, richly with a 12 replacements and a new seismic retrofitting so it can move and more efficiently in the event of an earthquake. >> this was discovered two years ago. the corporate engineering discovered a crack at the wishbone shape girder. we did a temporary fix at that time. however with that design we did as much as we could do and we wanted to start with a new sheet of paper. with an entirely new design and that is what we're going to be installing this weekend, next weekend. dan kerman, kron 4. >> grant: you can expect plenty of traffic on the
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other bridges. the san mateo bridge closure beginning tonight at 10:00 p.m. october 19th and until monday october 22nd. 5:00 a.m. in the same the following weekend with two consecutive weekends of no san mateo bridge. >> the san francisco giants are leading leaving-st. louis and they beat the cardinals 5-nothing. game no. 5 of the national champion sep series. some happy fans. >> i never thought i would see it! i love the barry zito. >> it is great. and just one game and they will come back. >> i love the giants come all the way, barry zito number one. and really, that is what i am talking about. >> we have the momentum we are going to dominate that is how we do it. the next time, game 7, let's go giants. >> this scheme seven has a new start time at-4:30 the new the time. sports director, gary radnich will give us the highlights. and a police chase ends with a crash in the be district. they try to pull over his car but the driver took off and a crash between the san bruno interchange. however, possession of stolen car was the charge for the two occupants. who tried to take off >> there was any confrontation with a passenger on a muni bus. the good samaritan try to intervene and was stabbed in the throat with a pair of scissors. he is expected to be okay. >> also a group of six teenagers were harassing a woman that was riding the bus. when she got off at mcalester and laguna they followed her. the woman was beaten, robbed. here is some safety advice for passengers while using muni. >> be of your surroundings. and if there is an area to sit near the driver near the front of the bus. he can be within earshot and radio for help if need be. >> the suspect got away with no arrests have been made. >> the gang rape the first of the six suspects was sentenced today. she was beaten at the richmond high school campus started 2009 homecoming dance. that assault took place when there was a poor lighting and that lasted for two hours. one of the six defendants, me---ortega was part of a plea deal with the best interest of the victim. >> what we did is we waived the need for justice in this case. with sensitivity to the victim in this case.
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what would she have to go through if she would have to testify. as a result we had him plead on four counts with three of them were sexual assault. and he received nine years for each of those counts and an additional five years for great bodily injury. >> the remaining five defendants at the richmond homecoming gang rape that are on your screen are all in court to enter their pleas next week. >> after a summer-like weather that things are changing as we are going to the weekend with more winter-like. this live look at the san mateo-bridge. it is quiet. the low-clouds will press into the bay for overnight. as we look for tomorrow the area of drizzle and much like what we have for tomorrow but as this afternoon progresses some gusting wind. cooler temperatures. coming up on a sunday, the chance for rain fall. i will talk more about that. >> coming of later in depth highlights from the greatest night and barry zito. keeping us in the series. we will hear from the giants, later. >> barry zito. he got out of trouble. this in double play. and will lead in the second, scoreless. the giants already have a run with one-nothing in the fourth. going back to the fourth and a sensibl sandoval is
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made his tonight complete. the third baseman was way back. barry zito with this for a career bunt for- nothing to the bottom of the five with a three giant place that we cannot normally made. hunter pants, just to record meanwhile, carlos beltran was back in the lineup after missing the lineup with a strained knee cap. he also becomes victi the san francisco giants. with six-hats, and nouts. five- nothing let us hear from them. >> it was just a plethora of things with the giants. and it the most aborted thing was to come out and give everything that we got. and let them play how they did. >> he has been through a lot going back to 200 tend
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toward the sky, he is in some kind of stand up guy with anything. and he has been getting it done for us. >> there is definitely some play off memories there. they roar all had a different uniform. this is probably the biggest one for me. >> the series packed the series on the mound, ryan will also on be on the mound with vogelson and matt cain .. college football the big game tomorrow in berkeley. about one month earlier. than normal we want to make sure that this is on television. this is how it will make the noon schedule on october 20th. last year, with andrew luck and cal
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held tough. 31-28 but the x remains. three-four, and it is a different date. october 20th. >> a little bit strange a little bit earlier but obviously, we are ready. we are going to get it our best shot and the ready to play. >> the game itself defines the situation would never the big thing commons. last season, the middle of the season, we are going to be ready >> and the big game again is relief for those that grew up in the bay area. oh my gosh! and here comes a 67 yd field goal. it is difficult to imagine that the record is 63. spokane, there is! there is! and as he'his team
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went into downtown san francisco. if you would amazing visual this is adam jones. the right in front of city hall. we had one of these kids on last night. they love the venue in san francisco and a lot of fun. it will be held tomorrow. downtown san francisco. these kids really have some talent and they are loving it. >> the giants are still alive. >> forbes magazine has compiled the crime statistics for the most dangerous major cities. and after detroit and st. louis. memphis tennessee and birmingham, alabama where the top five. those statistics are from the crime reports from 2011. the we have a storm system in >> goodnight code giants! go giants
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the writers put it on my door. - i don't know what that's referring to. - it's referring to this one time that i got a chemical peel before work, and i was wearing a red and green sweater and a fedora. but these douche-bs have been doing this for weeks. - "lez lemon." - first thought. - "winona ryder in a hundred years." - weak. - "fart barfunkel." - indian food. - "paul simon." - i don't get that, but it hurts. look, i love a good joke, but i am their boss, and, at a certain point, it crosses a line.

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